Market on Holly Opening May 6th

Back in October, I announced that the Market on Holly would be replacing BLD in Pasadena.  I am now here to tell you the marketplace will have its grand opening on Friday, May 6th with a soft opening a week or so before.

The shelves are getting stocked, the space is fully finished (beautifully so if I may say) and now it’s just some fine tuning on the owners part before the public takes notice.  So what are we to expect?  Think communal tables (this fad has turned into a staple), fantastic overhead lights and exotic jams, spices, beans and the like not to mention in-house dining options.

While Mrs. Scoop and I were in New York last week, we went to Mario Batali’s Eataly.  This 55,000 square foot mecca for food, dining and shopping has set a new standard for marketplaces.  Since the place was a zoo — we were there on a Sunday early afternoon and you could barely walk around there were so many people — I said to Mrs. Scoop, “this place NEEDS to come to LA.  They would make a killing.”  Sure enough, news this past week state that they are far down the road in discussions for opening one up.  With that said, I picture Market on Holly being a distant cousin to Eataly (considering it is probably 1/30th the size) but something that should be embraced.


One response to “Market on Holly Opening May 6th

  1. If Eataly is coming to LA, it’s unfortunatley probably gonna be at a location more than a 15min drive from us here in the SGV. :

    Hopefully they will at least locate in the Italian section of LA.

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