Umami Burger Pasadena Opening Soon

Umami Burger, the fast growing cross cultural chain, is soon to open its doors in Pasadena.  Located at 49 E. Colorado Boulevard (the old Naga Naga Ramen space), the latest outpost for Umami is slated to open on Wednesday, October 17th, but was told by some insiders that it may be pushed a few days.

Each Umami location has a unique feel and decor and this one is going to be “sleek, modern and minimalist, inspired by the nearby Apple Store.”  What?  Why?  Don’t get me wrong, I really like this kind of look but Pasadena is known for some great architecture and design, neither of which fits this mold.  I really think ownership missed out on a great opportunity to showcase the local design and feel.

With Intelligentsia Coffee next door, this retail stretch can now be known as hipster central.  However, I am really excited by this opening.  I really like a few of their burgers and think its a great dining option to the budding restaurant scene here in Pasadena.  With Blaze Pizza coming soon, there will be two great additions to the area!

The space isn’t overly large, maybe seating 60 or so patrons with mostly 4-tops, a bunch of 2-tops and one 6-top round picnic style table.  I was able to snap some photos today as their signage was going up.  What are your thoughts?


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